The baseball is batted to players in a field (batter throws the ball up for him/herself to hit; no pitching). There is a set number of points for each type of hit fielded. The players continued fielding balls until someone reached exactly $5.00. The person reaching exactly $5.00 becomes the new batter, with the old batter going to the field. If a ball is dropped, the player loses that much money. A player can go "in the hole" if they continue to lose money beyond zero.

Hit Values
Grounder .25
1 bounce .75
2 bounces .50
3 bounces .25
In the air 1.00

If the ball stops rolling (grounder) before being retrieved by the player, no money is awarded.
If a player has $4.75 and he catches a fly ball, he stays at $4.75 because he did not reach $5.00 exactly.

Contributed by Brian - Thank you!


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