Trust Lean
Create a careful, concentrating, respectful tone. Watch out for bravado; focus on trust and care.Sequence appropriately e.g., after icebreakers, name games and initial get to know you activities, but often before or as part of  team building activities.

Ask participants to find a partner of similar height, weight and same-sex pairs. One person is the Faller and one the Catcher.

Faller must have adopt the falling posture: standing upright, feet together, hands across chest, resting on shoulders, tight butt cheeks and keep body stiff (to avoid buckling)

Catcher is taught "spotting" one leg in front of the other, arms extended, "give" with the weight, taking it mostly through the legs.

Start with small falls, then build. Establish clear communication calls (like climbing calls), e.g.,
Faller: "I am ready to fall.  Are you ready to catch me?" Catcher: "I am ready to catch you.  Fall away." Faller: "Falling." Catcher: "OK" After about 5-10 minutes, swap Catchers and Fallers. Can progress to Trust Falls & Dives from chairs, tables, etc. with whole group catching.

Ask partners to share with each other: What made you feel trusting? (e.g., clear communication, positive encouragement, etc.) What made you feel less trusting (e.g., laughing/joking, lack of communication, etc.) Invite people to contribute to a group discussion about what things their partner did to make them feel more or less trusting.

Large area preferably with soft ground e.g, grass.

20-30 mins

Brief description:
In pairs of similar size, one becomes a Faller and one the  Catcher.  Teach methods for spotting, falling and catching.  Start small and build to bigger falls, then swap.  Debrief - what made you feel more or less trusting?

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