Enables participants to mix, mingle and learn some interesting facts about one another.

a) Ask the large group to separate into smaller groups that you are about to announce.
b) Call out a "category" using any of the suggested questions below (or make up your own).
c) Allow enough time for the groups to form (anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 seconds, depending upon the category).
d) Repeat steps one and two. Continue until the group is warmed up and ready for a new activity.

Category Questions to Get You Started
1) Clasp your hands together and fold the thumbs across the top. Is your right thumb on top or your left? [If this is your first question, follow the question with something like "All lefties to this side of the room, all righties over there." This should help them understand your process.]
2) Fold your arms across your chest. Is your right arm on top or is your left arm on top?
3) Which month of the year were you born in?
4) Which season of the year were you born in?
5) Do you see yourself more as a Cadillac, a Miata, or a Jeep?
6) Quickly choose a partner. Turn to them and give a spontaneous wink. Which eye did you wink with?
7) What is your shoe size?
8) Imagine yourself licking an ice cream cone. Are you twirling your cone clockwise, counterclockwise, or are you licking up and down?
9) Can you roll your tongue?

a) Did you enjoy the activities?
b) Is there any difficulties when doing those activities?
c) If yes, why?


10-15 minutes


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